Graphic Design/ Copywriting

Lipstick Party Invitation

I concepted and produced this invitation for an event that I organized with a local cosmetics company. Yes, that is my handwriting :)

Get Healthy Package Email

Main image from an email campaign promoting the "Get Healthy" package at Hotel G.

Earplug cards

These little cards sit on the bedside table in all the guest rooms of Hotel G. They hide a pair of earplugs- you know, just in case ;)

Hotel G Business Card re-design

Business card re-design I did for the sales department at Hotel G

Instagram Cards

One of my favorite projects from Hotel G- these were little 2" square cards that we used to promote the @hotelg_sf instagram account

G Label wine bottle

I designed the label for the bottle of the official Hotel G wine that is sold in the lobby shop.

FAM trip invite

Invitation I designed for a joint journalist trip between Hotel G and the city of Half Moon Bay, California.

Ad for Tour Connection magazine

This ran in Tour Connection magazine, which is a well-known magazine in the travel industry. Design + copy by me

Belated Valentines Ad

This ad ran on FB shortly after Valentine's Day. The copy was meant to be a wink to anyone who didn't quite get around to the whole V-day thing

Birthday Party invitation

I concepted and produced this invitation to the Hotel G first birthday party from start to finish- everything from the design to the copywriting to the photography. (I probably would have modeled too but couldn't quite fit into the tank top)