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Budget Planning

Budget Planning

Armed with my training from General Assembly, I took on the task of creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan for Hotel G. I started by identifying the most important KPIs that would shape our efforts: 


Paid Search/Display Campaigns

Paid Search

I spent a good deal of my time working on our Google AdWords campaigns- making sure that keyword groups were performing well enough, and proposing budget adjustments as needed. I also worked on designing our display ads, and developed different tactics for both re-targeting and prospecting campaigns. 

For Instance, below are some examples from a retargeting campaign I ran focusing on the financial/convenience benefit of the free airport transfer service that we offered. The idea was that we wanted to offer a clear, tangible financial benefit to people who might already be familier with the general aesthetic of the hotel, with the thought that this might push them over the top and get them to book with us. 

In addition to the creative part, I also analyzed the performance on the back-end with monthly reporting and adjusted our strategy as needed. 

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