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While at Hotel G I worked with a lot of talented travel bloggers/influencers. I arranged partnerships with a wide range of influencers- everyone from up-and-comers (<10k followers) to the big fish (more than 2 million). I became an expert at:


  • Setting up Instagram “takeovers”

  • Negotiating deliverables (# of pictures/# of mentions on social media, etc)

  • Communicating our brand style to guide content creation


Since these kinds of tactics were fairly new to us, I made sure to communicate some best practices to everyone to make sure that we got the most out of these partnerships. I sent out a lot of emails with screenshots like this:

Aspyn Ovard (@aspynovard)

One of my favorite success stories was when we hosted a video blogger named Aspyn Ovard (1.3 million followers). I recognized that this was a great opportunity for us- both because of her sizable follower base as well as her sky-high engagement rate (over 10%), so I made sure to specifically request that she include a call to action for her followers to check out our Instagram account with her post. I made sure to re-post her picture on our account so that her followers would see a familiar face when they clicked over. Not only was it our most liked post ever, but we also gained over 300 followers during the next two days. 

Her post on @aspynovard
Our post on @hotelg_sf
= 47% engagement(!)
Jennifer Puno (@madewithmap)
Another way that we partnered with bloggers was to work with them on content creation. Before Jennifer Puno from @madewithmap stayed with us, she and I worked together to concept a few short videos for social media. The result was these 15 second videos that we distributed on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

In addition, she also produced a great collection of images that aligned perfectly with some of our key demos.

Xing Liu (@caliallstaring)
This collab has a special place in my heart due to the fact that Xing was my first true "discovery" in terms of bay area photo talent. I came across his feed one day and thought his style would be a perfect match for our brand voice. He ended up staying with over the Christmas holiday and produced some great images that we used in various places online. 

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