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Social Campaigns

G Lady Travelogue
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While at Hotel G, I created the character of a young woman to be our brand spokesperson- a “real” woman whose life exemplified that of our ideal customer. I even went so far as to write up a detailed character sketch of who she was and the kinds of things that defined her as a person. The idea was that we would show this young woman living her life as a frequent guest of Hotel G from a first person, almost voyeuristic perspective; all the while never showing her face or revealing any kind of identifying information. The insight was that there was no better way to exist as a brand on social media than as a “real person”, as it would allow us to be mysterious and seductive and intriguing in ways that brands can’t normally be on social.

I proposed sample content, and even went so far as to cast our G-Lady before we decided to go in a different direction on social.


The goal with this campaign was to depict the vibe/style of Hotel G using examples shared by real guests. We encouraged guests to post a picture of themselves in our elevator showing off their unique style using the hashtag #elevatorstyle. Those pics would then be shared on our @hotelg_sf Instagram account as well as on a physical bulletin board that we installed in the elevators to show recent examples. 

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